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Two rooms and a small private garden..... in an early XXth century building, just  a few minutes from down town

Tiaré Home Milano


We consider travelling as the ultimate experience of knoledge of the world around us.

Of all places visited, we always retain the memory of sounds, perfumes, light and colors and, above all, of all the people we have met and of the reception they provided.

Here comes the naming of our little b&b

Tiaré  is the symbol of welcome par excellence,  the flower offered in Polynesia to visitors, as a symbol of welcome.

Whether it's tourists or Polynesian people, there is always a garland of Tiare flowers to welcome them.

Its scent instantly recalls exotic and marine locations and we would like Tiaré Home Milano bed & breakfast to become a new place to remember for our guests.

Daniela & Ambrogio

Find out who we are

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